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Pocket Saddle Pad shown on right, with saddle in pad. Item on the right is the plain Saddle Pad. Now available for most styles of saddles. Please specify pad type, color option and saddle type below.

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Don’t settle for cheap carpet remnants that do not offer the proper protection for your goat. Saddle Pads manufactured exclusively by NWPG utilize a thick synthetic felt, with protective cordura cover, in six colors, matching our Panniers. They are soft and comfortable, easily conforming to your goat’s back. They help to distribute weight, while preventing rubs.

Choose from our plain Saddle Pads, or our patented (#6530195) Pocket Saddle Pads, which are designed to encompass the sideboards of your saddle. The Pocket Saddle Pads provide a stylish look to your gear, as well as making it impossible for the pad to slip out from under your saddle.

Either option is available in Purple, Red, Blue, Fluorescent Orange, Hunter Green, or Digital Camo.

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Pad Type

Pocket Saddle Pad, Plain Saddle Pad

Color Options

Blue, Digital Camo, Fluorescent Orange, Hunter Green, Purple, Red

Saddle Type

Northwest Wood Saddle, Northwest Custom Fit Saddle, Owyhee Wood Saddle, Owyhee Aluminum Saddle, Wind River Style Saddle, Butt Head Wood Saddle

5 reviews for Saddle Pads

  1. Archived Review

    This saddle pad is awesome! It is a very good idea so the saddle and pad stay together and don’t get lost. Worth the little extra money. Great value.
    – by Steven Andreason (06/25/2012)

  2. Archived Review

    very handy to keep the pad in place during packing and storage/transport as well.
    – by thaddeus koster (07/12/2011)

  3. Archived Review

    Pretty slick idea! Cushy thick felt and well sewn pockets to hold the wooden saddle. I have not had a lot of weight on my goats, mostly water bottles and snacks, but this looks so comfortable and stays put so well on our steep slopes, that I would not feel guilty loading them up. The goats do get hot in their pack saddles, so we just don’t travel much in the mid-day heat of summer.
    – by Vanne Mocilac (12/27/2010)

  4. Archived Review

    I am new to goat packing but I have done some horse packing. If your like me I tend to become disorganized quickly. The pocket pads make life so much easier! they are worth every penny.
    – by Matt Reeves (12/17/2010)

  5. Archived Review

    I have bought used saddles and pads elsewhere, but the loose pads slip out from under the saddle. Then you have an unhappy goat and an unhappy hiker. I love these pocket pads because they stay in place and stay attached to the saddle. They never slip out of place, making for a happy hike.
    – by Karen Hunter (10/04/2010)

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