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Halter - Medium


These work ok and are well made, strong and durable. I like the fit of hand tied rope ones better; the rope ones look more comfortable on the goat's face. Maybe the webbing would curl into a more conforming fit if I used them more often. My son tied me several rope ones from a jig made for horse sized halters, which he was able to adapt, and I use them more often. However, I don't use halters or lead ropes much at all, they are mostly insurance if I needed more control for safety reasons. I am a beginner (15 years with goats, 1 year packing).

(We agree, so have started making hand tied rope halters for the goats. Call for info or watch the web of new products. Rex & Terri-NWPG 3/1/12)
Date Added: 12/12/2010 by Vanne Mocilac
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