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Electronic Training Collars - Walk'r


The Problem: The goat will not lead properly. It pulls on the lead making you feel like you are dragging it up the trail.

The Solution: The Walk'r

A gentle electronic training device with 3 levels of stimulation. It is activated by an above normal pull on the lead rope. When activated, it first delivers a brief pulse of electrical stimulation. If the goat continues to pull on the lead, continuous stimulation is activated. It stops when the goat gives slack in the lead.

Why fight with a stubborn animal for years, when the Walk'r will have your goat leading beautifully in only a few short minutes. Operates on a common 3-volt lithium battery. (Included)

Rentals available..........$25.00/month + refundable deposit.

See our demonstration YouTube Video - Coming Soon!

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  • Model: #110

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