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NW Custom Fit Aluminum Saddles are back in stock.

Its time to get those hooves in shape for Summer.

Hoof Trimming DVD on sale $12.95


For panniers and lead ropes.

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The Pack Goat Forum is free to join.

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The North American Packgoat Association  (NAPgA) is accepting membership. Visit their web page for more information.

No Waste Feeders Pictures:

We have had requests over the years for pictures of our feeders. Below are the most proven designs that we use. Most feeders measure 16 inches deep and 24 inches high. Wood slats are 4 inches wide with a 4 inch gap. Permanent feeders are built so you can feed from outside the pen. The key hole feeder has been modified from a circular top to a square to accommodate horned does. The portable feeder has metal hooks on the top that hang on cattle panels. The mineral feeder is simply a portable feeder with plywood inserts to allow it to hold loose minerals or kelp meal. The picture below has a divider which allows us to feed both at the same time.

Goat Side Outside Pen

Cattle Panel Feeders

Key Hole Feeder 

Key Hole Feeder

Goat Side Outside Pen (Next to Hay Storage) 

Large Slat Feeder

Side View Top View 

Portable Feeder/Mineral Feeder







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